0001 - April 9th, 2021

Happy Friday!

This is the first of many weekly change-logs that will summarize the bugs we fixed, the features we released, and generally what we've been thinking about each week. This week was a big week for Operand, we focused on and shipped Scheduling V2 - our revamped scheduler implementation which was a response to user feedback on the initial version. We're confident that you can rely on this version to perform when you need it to!

Here is the newly released documentation for the scheduling feature:


Features / Improvements:

  • Scheduling V2
    • Specific Times - "At 2pm"
    • Range Queries - "Before 10am" or "After 3pm"
    • Better Timezone Support
    • Configurable Parameters (Weekend, Start/End Time, Duration)
    • Event Reminders (5 Minutes Before, Includes Joining Information)
    • Tell User about Upcoming Meeting (running late, etc.)
    • Reschedule Upcoming Meeting
    • Cancel Upcoming Meeting
    • Calendar Invites
  • Reworked Event Query Handler ("what's on my calendar tomorrow?")
    • Allow Range Queries - "Before 10am" or "After 3pm"
    • Better Input Error Handling
  • Onboarding
    • Minor changes + improvements to improve success rate.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where users would be able to schedule reminders in the past.
  • Improved timezone formatting for users in North America.
  • Fixed a bug where asking about calendar events on in the future would return the calendar events on the previous day. This was a tricky one to figure out, thanks for reporting David!
  • Lots of minor wording / usability improvements.