0010 - June 11th, 2021

They say not to ship on Friday, right? Nah, that's a load of BS. This week was all about exploration, and we took a journey into financials and goal setting with our Financials Alpha feature set. This lays the foundation for some incredible features coming your way shortly. Next, we also added support for usernames, which means that every user can now claim a unique system-wide username that will be used throughout in upcoming features.

Feeling really grateful this week for the incredible community that we've been able to build over the last few months - it's exciting and makes us excited to wake up and build cool stuff for y'all.


  • Financials Alpha
    • You can now link your bank accounts by asking Operand to "link my bank account".
    • Currently, we support Canadian and US banks, though we are working with our financial data provider (Plaid) to expand this to European regions.
    • You can set a spending limit for particular time periods (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Usernames
    • All users can now claim a unique username which will be used for some fun stuff in the future.
    • Usernames must be between 5 and 15 characters, and only include letters, numbers and underscores.
    • Existing paying users can ask staff for special usernames (including one character usernames) as a special treat - we appreciate you!

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Improved handling of common queries, specifically those asking about certain functions of the assistant.
  • Conversational replies now retain context.
  • Improved our system handling of errors from external language-model providers.