0005 - May 7th, 2021

It's a glorious Friday ain't it? Conventional wisdom says to not deploy new features on Friday, but what's the fun in that? We shipped a huge number of features this week, our most ever. Primarily, our focus is creating the tools and systems required for you to integrate Operand into your daily workflow, whether it's for reminders, or managing your calendar.

You can check out some new documentation we just released for the suite of calendar-related features:



  • Timers
    • You can ask Operand to 'start a timer', and specify a duration.
    • Cancelling a timer is easy, just say 'cancel my timer'.
    • And yes, we support multiple concurrent timers. Hope this is useful Taylor!
  • Event Reminders
    • Asking Operand to 'enable event reminders' will turn on universal event reminders, where Operand will message you 5 minutes before a calendar event begins.
    • If there is joining information, like a Google Meet or Zoom link, it will be included in the reminder.
    • Can be disabled / toggled as well.
  • Next Calendar Event / Meeting
    • You can see your next calendar event by asking Operand 'when is my next meeting', or more succinctly, 'next event'.
    • We're hoping that this should help you throughout your day when prioritizing smaller tasks versus a larger objective.
  • Calendar Event "What Else"
    • Previously, when asking Operand about daily calendar events, only a maximum of two events would be shown.
    • You can now ask a follow up question, 'what else' or 'more' to get information about other events on that day.
    • This was a highly requested feature from one of our users, David. He's been trying to do this for weeks now, and we really appreciate him continually keeping us on our toes!

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Improved matching logic for querying daily calendar events.
  • Contexts no longer last an infinite amount of time. This prevents users from invoking something from the day before that they didn't realize existed.
  • Custom quotes inside daily morning briefings.
  • Changed free trial from 30 days to 7 days.
  • Wording improvements.