0006 - May 14th, 2021

Happy Friday! This week at Operand was a lot of behind the scenes, messy stuff that we're not ready to talk about yet, but we sure are excited to do so! Most of the focus for this week was on the on-boarding flow and the website, since it's important for us to expand our community, and learn more different daily workflows in order to improve Operand!

In addition to improvements across the board, we shipped three new features:

  • Logging in with Twitter now allows you to interact with your Twitter account via Operand.
  • A beta version of the Q&A handler allows you to ask questions about Operand, and get answers directly inline without having to visit our docs or contact customer support. This should make it easier for new and existing users to learn more about the assistants capabilities.
  • 2FA authenticator functionality allows you to store 2FA links directly within Operand. To read more about this feature, you can consult the docs:
    Two-Factor Authentication

We hope you had a great week!


  • Login With Twitter
    • Asking Operand to 'link my twitter' will now return a URL by which you can login with Twitter directly.
    • Linking your Twitter will enable Operand to take action on your behalf:
      • Send Tweets (ask Operand to 'send a tweet').
      • Block / Unblock Users (ask Operand to 'block/unblock <twitter handle>').
    • If you've already linked your Twitter via the existing method, you will not be required to re-link your Twitter to continue messaging Operand via Tweets & DMs. In order to send tweets and block users via Operand, you will need to re-link your Twitter.
  • Q&A Functionality [Beta]
    • We've noticed that it's sometimes difficult to get information about Operand, or its capabilities without having to go to our docs, or even worse, talking to support.
    • Now, we have some new magic going on behind the scenes which allows you to directly ask Operand questions about Operand (meta right?) and have the answers be up-to-date and reliable.
    • We're still working on adding more information here, so expect Operand to get a lot more knowledgeable about itself in the coming weeks.
  • New Website & On-boarding Flow
    • New, shiny, more informative website.
    • Completely overhauled on-boarding flow. It's much clearer now.
  • Current Time Handler
    • Operand now knows what time it is! You can ask it for the current time (which defaults to your local timezone), or you can specify a specific location ('what time is it in New York?')
  • 2FA
    • You can now use Operand as a 2FA authenticator app, just like you would something like Google Authenticator. Just say '2fa' to get all of the 2FA codes (you can also say, for example, '2fa gmail' and it will properly limit the results).
    • To add a new 2FA link, just say 'add 2fa'.

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Increased the number of calendar events shown on the daily briefing from 1 → 2. Any more events will have to be queried by asking Operand 'what's on my calendar'.
  • Improved both time & reminder text parsing within reminders.
  • You can now reschedule / cancel reminders right after they've been scheduled ('cancel that', or 'reschedule to 11am').
  • Reminders will now make grammatical sense ("do my homework" → "do your homework").