0007 - May 21st, 2021

Happy Friday everybody! This week was a great week for Operand, as we welcomed a whole new group of people to our community - Android users! Telegram integration allows anyone, with almost any device type, to use Operand just like us iPhone users do via iMessage. Existing iMessage users can also use Telegram as a secondary interface. To either link an existing account or get started using Operand via Telegram, click here.

The next big thing for us this week was the introduction of our community Discord server for our users. We've already noticed people asking questions, suggesting ideas, and discussing ideas for the future, and we couldn't be happier about this!

Hope y'all had a great week!


  • Telegram Interface (Primary)
    • We heard from a lot of users that were on Android, or just wanted to use Operand more easily from their laptop or desktop that Telegram could be a good option.
    • This is the second "primary interface", the first being iMessage. Many more to come, but eventually we'd like to be accessible anywhere so you don't have to context-switch.
  • Discord Server
    • We now have a community Discord server! This has been active already, and we're really excited to be building more of a tight knit community around Operand. Our rate of feedback has increased greatly!
  • Create New Contacts
    • Previously, the only way to create a new contact was by scheduling a meeting with them. You can now ask Operand to 'create a contact' and it will guide you through the process.
    • We also have some semantic stuff here, so if you create a contact, you can then immediately ask Operand to 'schedule a meeting with them at ...' and it'll know who you're talking about.
  • Personal Calendar Events
    • You can now schedule personal calendar events through Operand. For example, you can say "schedule a dentist appointment for 2 hours tomorrow at 10am'. Obviously we don't actually schedule the dentist appointment on your behalf (yet), but we can make it a lot easier and quicker to add the calendar event.
    • If the duration is omitted, we will default to 30m.
    • We also support all-day events.
  • First / Last Meeting
    • You can now ask Operand about your first or last meeting on a given day.
    • For example, 'when's my first meeting tomorrow?'.

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Significantly improved name and location extraction from messages, still a long way to go here, but certainly we've noticed increase success rates across the board.
  • Improved messaging, specifically around the on-boarding flow.
  • Fixed a bug with 2FA where codes with leading zeros wouldn't include those zeros in the message, leading to confusion.
  • Fixed some of the matching logic related to querying events. Asking 'what are my meetings today' now works.