0008 - May 28th, 2021

Happy Friday - this week was a busy one, and frankly wasn't the greatest. A lot of our focus was on longer-term objectives, and some of the core systems that will power the assistant for the months and years to come. Slower week this week feature wise, but big things are brewing!


  • Recipes
    • Not sure what to make with the ingredients you have lying around the kitchen? Just ask.
    • You can now ask Operand to create a recipe from a list of ingredients. Let us know how your AI generated meals turn out.
  • Lists
    • When we initially launched our beta wait list a lot of people mentioned to-do lists, so we built it.
    • Operand can now be your go to place for lists. Shopping lists, to-do lists, wish lists, anything you like!

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Added a rate limiter to avoid abuse/spam. We had a case of this during this week, and it cost us a bunch of $.. these fixes should help with this a bit.
  • Fixed an issue where users who have cancelled their subscription would still get on-boarding drip messages.
  • Fixed an issue where Telegram users would get misleading on-boarding information, since the initial on-boarding flow was designed for iMessage.
  • Fixed an issue where specifying a duration (like 2 hours) would cause a server crash.
  • Major improvements to the time parsing, fixed a number of bugs brought up in the #support channel in our community Discord server.
  • Improved our conversational systems to not echo as much.