0009 - June 4th, 2021

Oh my goodness, it's Friday! This week was huge for Operand, here's a quick summary:

  • Removed the requirement of a credit card from the free trial. Anyone can sign up and experience Operand for 7 days, without having to worry about billing whatsoever.
  • Shipped Long-Term Memory. Operand can now reference conversations you've had with it in the past to provide a more tailored experience. For example, if you told Operand that you really like a particular artist, it "remembers" that and can bring it up.

It's important that Operand is able to know and understand stuff about you, because after all, it's your assistant! Right now, Operand can only reference previous messages of yours, but this is just the start. Over time, as the assistant gets smarter and more useful, it will be able to reference different types of information, for example, what you ate, or your financial transactions. In a way, Operand just became, and is becoming your very own personal Google, for your own personal data. Isn't that cool? We certainly think so.


  • Remove Credit Card from On-boarding
    • You no longer need to enter a credit card to use Operand.
    • Existing users who got through on-boarding, but chose to not enter their credit card, can say 'start my free trial' to begin their free week.
  • Long-Term Memory
    • Operand now has "memory" about you, and can reference previous conversations you've had with it in future ones, just like a real human assistant!
    • Built a bunch of high-performance internal systems to make this possible - which are highly applicable to other areas of the assistant. For reference, our most active user has sent thousands of messages to the assistant, yet the assistant is still able to reply near instantaneously to them. When we say this is high-performance, we mean it.

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Greatly improved speed of time zone fetching from locations.
  • Content filter was overhauled, should be a lot less strict (while still fulfilling its overarching goal of making sure Operand doesn't say something that we the company don't agree with). We'd appreciate any feedback here, especially if you notice something a little fishy.