Daily Briefing

It's really annoying to wake up and have to check a number of different sources of information, just to get the essential stuff that you need to go about your day. That's why we built daily briefings, every morning at a time you configure, Operand will reach out and tell you what you ought to know about your day.

For example:


As we add more and more features, more information (when relevant) will be included in the daily briefing. Currently, we support the following:

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation (Rain / Snow)
  • UV Index (If you should wear sunscreen)
  • Calendar events.

Of course, Operand will also generate encouraging messages to help you get out of bed and tackle the day!

Getting Started:

  • Getting started is easy. Just ask Operand to 'enable daily briefings'. It is off-by-default, like all other features of Operand.
  • You can change the time that daily briefings are sent by re-enabling them for a different time.
  • You can disable daily briefings by asking Operand to 'disable daily briefings'.


  • You can add custom quotes to your daily briefing by asking Operand to 'add a quote to my briefing'. The assistant will rotate through these quotes when generating your daily briefing. Re-enabling or disabling daily briefings will clear these quotes.