Lists were a much requested feature that lay the groundwork for some truly exciting features down the road. Managing your lists with natural language clears away the clutter of having many different lists all over the place.


"Make me a To-do list"
  • Create a To-do list, Shopping list, Wish list, Bucket list or any other list you like.
"Add go for a walk to my To-do list"
  • Add items to lists easily. If you don't have that list already Operand will create it for you!
"View my To-do list"
  • Check out what is on your lists at anytime.
"Remove go for a walk from my To-do list"
  • Just ask Operand to remove an item from your list. We lean on the side of caution when removing items so make sure to be specific.
"Delete my To-do list"
  • This deletes any list you specify but make sure you want to delete it as there is currently no option to undo.

Other Features:

Delete All: If you want to start fresh you can ask Operand to delete all your lists. Just ask 'delete all of my lists' and once you confirm everything will be gone.

A list of lists: Sometimes you forget what lists you have or just want to see them all. Ask Operand to 'list my lists' and you can see what lists you have.