It's 2021, and scheduling a meeting with another person is still super difficult. You shouldn't have to go back and forth, proposing times, figuring out what times work and don't work - you have better things to do with your time.


"Schedule a meeting with Xander tomorrow at 2pm."
  • Operand will reach out on your behalf and ask if Xander is free at that time.
  • If they are, then it will book the meeting and send calendar invites.
  • If you don't specify a timezone, it will default to your local timezone.
"Schedule a meeting before 12pm on Monday with Xander."
  • You can ask Operand to schedule meetings specifically before/after a time on a specific day.
  • The other user will only be able to select from a time in this range.
  • This will also take into account your scheduling settings (start/end times).

"Schedule a meeting with Xander."
  • The most flexible way of scheduling a meeting - will find a time that works with the other person while respecting your scheduling settings.
  • Defaults to 20m meetings between 9am - 6pm on weekdays. This is entirely configurable by asking Operand to "change scheduling settings".
"Tell Xander that I'm running five minutes late."
  • Send a message about an upcoming meeting to the other person.
"Reschedule the meeting with Xander to 1pm PDT."
  • You or your guests can reschedule an upcoming meeting directly via Operand.
  • The other party will be asked to confirm before the meeting is re-scheduled.
"Cancel meeting with Xander."
  • You or your guests can cancel an upcoming meeting at any time.
  • The other party will be notified.

Other Features:

Reminders: Operand will send joining information five minutes before the meeting starts.

Contacts: You can reference users by name, and contact information is saved persistently.

Multi-Interface Support: Operand can reach out to guests via iMessage, Twitter or Email.

Configurable: Configurable scheduling settings ("change scheduling settings")

  • Weekends: whether to schedule meetings on weekends.
  • Start Time: the earliest time you want Operand to schedule meetings for you.
  • End Time: the latest time you want Operand to schedule meetings for you.
  • Duration: the duration of meetings scheduled with Operand.