Setting timer's is one of the primary uses of conventional virtual assistants. So of course we also have to be able to set timers with Operand, but our timers are much more gentle. We won't rudely blow your ear drums out with an alarm rather Operand will just send you a message to politely let you know that your timer has finished.


"Set a timer for 5 minutes."
  • Sets a timer for any specified interval of time.

"How much time is left?"
  • Let's you know how much time is left on all of your timers.

"Cancel my timer."
  • Will simply cancel your timer if you only have one running. If you have more than one timer Operand will ask you to specify which one to cancel.

Other Features:

Set multiple concurrent timers: Sometimes you need to set multiple timers and Operand allows you to do this. Set as many timers as you like and Operand will handle the rest.

"Cancel all my timers.": If you have multiple timers and would like to cancel them all just ask.