Weather it's boring, it's the default thing that you think about when you think about a conventional virtual assistant. Operand isn't a conventional virtual assistant, which was the rationale initially behind why we weren't even going to build weather. However, it seems like users really want their assistant to know about the weather, so we built it, but we built it our way!


"What's the weather tomorrow?"
  • Defaults to current location, produces a full weather report complete with relevant information.
"What's the weather going to be like tomorrow at 5pm EDT in San Diego?"
  • Manual location override, with specific time w/ override time zone. If you don't specify a timezone, it will default to local.
  • Returns additional relevant information, such as UV index, Snow or Rain.
"What about the UV Index?"
  • That's right, you can ask follow up questions, or specific questions about particular aspects of the weather.
  • We currently support temperature, highs/lows, rain, snow, precipitation change, UV index, wind, sunrise, sunset and humidity.
  • Will use previous context to infer location & timestamp of new query.

Getting Started:

  • To get started with the weather, tap Operand's profile icon, tap 'info', and then click 'Send my Current Location'.
  • This location is used to lookup weather for your area, and for us to know your timezone.
  • If you don't choose to share your location with us, you'll have to specify the location whenever querying the weather.

Other Features:

Metric/Imperial: If you're located in the US, we will give your temperatures in Fahrenheit. Otherwise, we default to Celsius.

Relevant Information Only: It's important that we don't waste your time. Thats why we will only give you information as it is relevant, or if you ask for it. For example, if you ask "what's the weather", and it isn't raining, we won't tell you anything about the rain. Same goes for snow, wind, and UV index.

Manual Location Entry: If you aren't comfortable giving us your exact location, you can say 'Can you update my location to Atlanta?' (or something like it) to manually set your location to a particular city.